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Shining Star corporate with Perkins
(fully-owned subsidiary of Caterpillar),
to bring out SS-P series diesel generator sets.
Design of SS-P series is to provide our gen-set user
a low investment/running cost solution

Shining Star SS-P series is positioned to its value of:
1.Leading adaptability in the industrial
3.Lifetime low cost operation and service
4.Around global technical & service support

Design of SS-P series is to provide our gen-set user a low investment/running cost solution,
this goal is achieved by the advantages as follow:
- The right technology for specific industry; for example, low emission product mechanical fuel system makes the maintenance more convenient
- 500 hours log book service
- SS-P series sharing genuine spare parts, means parts will be in stock every time.


Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SS-P10 10KVA 9KVA 403A-11G
SS-P14 13.75KVA 12.5KVA 403A-15G1
SS-P16 16.5KVA 15KVA 403A-15G2
SS-P22 22KVA 20KVA 404A-22G
SS-P34 33KVA 30KVA 1103A-33G
SS-P50 50KVA 45KVA 1103A-33TG1
SS-P70 71.5KVA 65KVA 1104A-44TG1
SS-P88 88KVA 80KVA 1104A-44TG2
SS-P110 110KVA 100KVA 1104C-44TAG2
SS-P150 148KVA 135KVA 1106A-70TG1
SS-P165 165KVA 150KVA 1106A-70TAG2
SS-P200 200KVA 181KVA 1106A-70TAG3
SS-P220 220KVA 200KVA 1106A-70TAG4
SS-P275 275KVA 250KVA 1306C-E87TAG6
SS-P330 330KVA 300KVA 1606A-E93TAG5
SS-P400 400KVA 350KVA 2206C-E13TAG2
SS-P450 450KVA 400KVA 2206C-E13TAG3
SS-P500 500KVA 450KVA 2506C-E15TAG1
SS-P550 550KVA 500KVA 2506C-E15TAG2
SS-P660 660KVA 600KVA 2806C-E18TAG1A
SS-P700 700KVA 635KVA 2806A-E18TAG2
SS-P825 825KVA 750KVA 4006-23TAG2A
SS-P880 880KVA 800KVA 4006-23TAG3A
SS-P1000 1000KVA 910KVA 4008TAG1A
SS-P1100 1100KVA 1000KVA 4008TAG2A
SS-P1375 1375KVA 1250KVA 4012-46TWG2A
SS-P1650 1650KVA 1500KVA 4012-46TAG2A
SS-P1800 1813KVA 1650KVA 4012-46TAG3A
SS-P1875 1875KVA 1705KVA 4012-46TAG3A
SS-P2000 2000KVA 1850KVA 4016TAG1A
SS-P2250 2250KVA 2050KVA 4016TAG2A
SS-P2500 2500KVA 2272KVA 4016-61TRG3

Model Frequency 60HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SS-P12-60 12KVA 11KVA 403D-11G
SS-P17-60 17KVA 16KVA 403D-15G
SS-P26-60 26KVA 24KVA 404D-22G
SS-P35-60 35KVA 32KVA 404D-22TG
SS-P40-60 40KVA 36KVA 404D-22TAG
SS-P70-60 69KVA 62.5KVA 1104D-44TG1
SS-P75-60 83KVA 75KVA 1104D-E44TG1
SS-P90-60 100KVA 90KVA 1104D-E44TAG1
SS-P115-60 125KVA 113KVA 1104D-E44TAG2
SS-P130-60 142KVA 130KVA 1106A-70TG1
SS-P150-60 165KVA 150KVA 1106A-70TG1
SS-P165-60 185KVA 168KVA 1106A-70TAG2
SS-P200-60 216KVA 200KVA 1106A-70TAG3
SS-P250-60 275KVA 250KVA 1106D-E70TAG5
SS-P400-60 440KVA 400KVA 2206D-E13TAG2
SS-P450-60 500KVA 440KVA 2206D-E13TAG3
SS-P500-60 560KVA 500KVA 2506D-E15TAG1
SS-P600-60 625KVA 570KVA 2506C-E15TAG3
SS-P690-60 688KVA NA 2506C-E15TAG4
SS-P750-60 750KVA 680KVA 2806C-E18TAG3
SS-P825-60 825KVA 750KVA 4006-23TAG2A
SS-P880-60 928KVA 844KVA 4006-23TAG3A
SS-P1100-60 1094KVA 995KVA 4008TAG2A
SS-P1375-60 1375KVA 1250KVA 4012-46TWG2A
SS-P1500-60 1500KVA 1364KVA 4012-46TWG3A
SS-P1650-60 1650KVA 1500KVA 4012-46TAG2A
SS-P1875-60 1875KVA 1710KVA 4012-46TAG3A