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 SS-SC series provides good fuel economy, durability and reliability in medium power range, Scania engine reputed from its trucking history.
From 275 kva to 625 kva.
Scania engine feature:
Unique modular design of Scania engines is one of the biggest advantages. All engines manufactured using the same basic components with difference is that a number of cylinder - 5 cylinders, cylinder six or eight cylinders leading to easily control the spare parts inventory.

SS-SC engine has lower operation cost Reducing the running cost by extended oil change cycle. (up to 400 
hours), Low fuel consumption, suitable for continuous power generation.

The electronic engine management and pump nozzle system –Economical and Environmental friendly
SS-SC series Scania engine has electronic engine management system (EMS), it is designed for use in heavy load and more demanding work environments, and to maintain a high reliability.



Model Frequency 50HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SS-SC275 275KVA 250KVA DC09 73A 02-21
SS-SC350 330KVA 300KVA DC09 73A 02-23
SS-SC360 357KVA 325KVA DC09 073A 02-24
SS-SC415 415KVA 380KVA DC13 073A 02-21
SS-SC450 450KVA 400KVA DC12 59A 10-33A
SS-SC500 500KVA 450KVA DC12 59A 10-34A
SS-SC550 550KVA 500KVA DC16 45A 10-30A
SS-SC600 600KVA 550KVA DC16 44A 10-27A
SS-SC625 625KVA 562.5KVA DC16 44A 10-27A
Model Frequency 60HZ Engine Model
Standby Prime
SS-SC275-60 310KVA 280KVA DC09 73A 02-21
SS-SC300-60 330KVA 306KVA DC09 65A 10-94
SS-SC350-60 356KVA 330KVA DC09 73A 02-23
SS-SC400-60 435KVA 385KVA DC12 59A 10-32A
SS-SC450-60 460KVA 435KVA DC12 59A 10-33A
SS-SC550-60 550KVA 500KVA DC16 45A 10-30A
SS-SC600-60 600KVA 550KVA DC16 44A 10-27A
SS-SC650-60 650KVA 600KVA DC16 46A 10-28
SS-SC700-60 700KVA 638KVA DC16 46A 10-29